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How to Know and Check your Jio Number {A Full Guide}

Know your own Jio mobile number: We all know that Jio sim packets has IMSI number and other serial no’s too but maybe not the mobile number as mobile no’s are randomly allotted to sim clients. If you recently purchased a Jio sim and wanted to know your mobile number, we will give you some of the best alternatives you can easily try.

how to know your jio number

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Here I’m assuming your Jio sim is activated and you’ve inserted on your mobile. And when Jio sim is not activated then there’s not any choice regardless likely to the shop of Jio from where you bought your sim, not maintaining your far time read below complete particulars.

How to know your own Jio mobile number?

  1. Via myJio app open assess homepage myJio app & of all
  2. Via Jio4gvoice app open click Jio4gvoice app & setting button
  3. VolTE phone call method phone from the volTE empowered your number to be found by phone

There are most likely four approaches so i will provide you all the four ways:-

Strategy 1:

That is simplest strategy from all, you’ll discover your own Jio number & data balance immediately

  1. To start with download or update myJio app from this
  2. Now signal in with your Jio sim’
  3. Proceed to homepage of your myJio program
  4. Of myJio app about homepage, you’ll get below section
  5. There you’ll find your Jio mobile number & your Jio data that is staying balance

Strategy 2:

  1. Download myJio app from this
  2. Open and install program.
  3. Click button open at right to your written my account
  4. It will show and open you three choice. This method works when you are on Jio internet. Click skip signin composed at bottom
  5. You would be logged in and you’ll realize your own mobile number written along with logging in. This technique is employed you’re Jio prime membership.
  6. This technique is sure enough for working

Strategy 3:

  1. Download Jio 4gvoice
  2. Open and install program. Click on display as program prompts. In brief log in.
  3. When you’ll be logged in you’ll see of screen
  4. Click on click settings and it
  5. You’ll have the ability to see your own Jio mobile number
  6. This works when you’re on Jio internet

Strategy 4:

  1. If your phone supports volte leave this measure else Jio4gvoice from this
  2. Setup Jio 4g voice or when your telephone is volte leave this measure too
  3. Open dialpad for dialpad and volte in Jio4g voice app for non volte
  4. Today dial. And cut the phone after two rings or one. Assess phone you called it will get your number.

Final Words

These are the best ways to assess your JIo mobIle number & JIo balance check amounts. In case you know a different method, please share it with us in the comment box below. Furthermore, we appreciate if you could leave us any comment so we can improve our site more.

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