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About Us

Welcome to Zebracon! Thank You for Visiting our site.

Hi. I am Shea and welcome to my blog.


I am a professional in the field of photography. I love writing and blogging is my hobby. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs where they share their day-to-day experiences. I am internet savvy and I really like to surf the net for information and new learnings. I also do online studies to acquire different skills.

This blog is made out of passion and determination to reach those who are in need in terms of technical issues. Especially the older ones who are not aware of troubleshooting their device. All of you can find useful information here because that is my goal.

The information I provided here is based on my experience and research. Allowing my talent to take charge, this is the written version of them.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find what you need. I look forward to the future where I can bring more tips, tricks and guides to all of you.

Have a nice day!